"Dominic Gianna Best speaker I have ever heard."


"What a passion for advocacy. Unforgettable and bold."


"The dude's got a knack for this thing; out of his mouth, everything seems simple."


"Incredible energy and enthusiasm. Gianna is engaging, interesting, organized and a superb communicator."


"Gets to the point, informative and unbelievably entertaining."


"The material is vital, but could easily be boring. He is entertaining and keeps his audience focused on the material."


"The best CLE I have ever attended. Ever. Period."


"Dominic Gianna's obvious experience and method of teaching were invaluable to this seminar. Fantastic!"


"A wonderful speaker and motivator! Very vibrant and informative presentation"


"Never a dull moment. Well-made, very professional presentation with great content."


"This speaker had very practical and interesting advice. He was very entertaining and clearly designed the program to hold the attention of the audience."


"It was one of the best seminars I have attended. Obviously well prepared; good pace; interesting and informative."


"Would definitely attend other CLEs from Dominic Gianna."