"Russ Herman is an engaging, effective, informative presenter. I'd recommend the seminar to anyone."


"Mr. Herman has great command of the trial process with excellent story line and development."


"Probably the best CLE I have ever attended. Thoughtful, extremely practical, a true Master Trial Lawyer."


"Fantastic speaker! Herman provided useful tools that can easily fit into any case."


"Masterful, just masterful! Herman lived up to his reputation and rekindled our enthusiasm about being trial lawyers"


"Interesting and informative. Keep Herman coming back - we want more!"


"Mr. Herman gave very good and practical advice in this seminar. I'm looking forward to using his suggestions on a day to day basis in my practice."


"Wonderful illustrations of the principles - I'd attend this session again!"


"Great information. Great storyteller. Excellent presentation"


"Entertaining, interesting, motivational, lots of great tips and examples."


"Great, colorful speaker - there was not a boring moment in the entire presentation. Russ Herman is simply captivating!"