Evidentiary Crises

Using the Rules to Win at Trial
Barbara Bergman

This exceptional program shows you how to turn stomach-churning, sweaty-palms evidentiary responses into positive demonstrations of confidence and control over the trial process.

Barbara Bergman has designed a program that will give both civil and criminal litigators the tools to solve real evidentiary crises before and at trial. You will learn how to respond quickly and effectively to the unexpected, as you transform each “crisis” into a valuable opportunity.

Evidentiary Crises is not an exercise in evidence theory. It offers concrete solutions to vexing evidence issues that every trial lawyer faces in the courtroom. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the “real” rules of evidence and the tactics for using them effectively in your cases.



  • Use the rules of evidence, as well as the opening side’s witnesses and evidence, to creatively present your case.

  • Make the most of admissions made by opposing counsel and counsel’s agents.

  • Convincingly impeach hearsay declarants

  • Successfully object to inadmissible evidence that can destroy your case.

Program Agenda & Detail

4 Hours

[Part I: 1 Hour 20 Minutes]

Session One

  • Effective Impeachment

  • Impeaching an Unexpectedly Hostile Witness on Direct Examination

  • Impeaching the Hearsay Declarant

​10 Minute Break

[Part II: 1 Hour 20 Minutes]

Session Two

  • Using Admissions of Counsel and Agents of Counsel

  • Hearsay and Relevancy

  • Using the Rule of Completeness

10 Minute Break

[Part III: 1 Hour 20 Minutes]

Session Three

  • Contesting the Misuse of the Best Evidence Rule

  • Attacking and Using Experts

  • Problems with the Rule of Exclusion


Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.