Jury Selection in High Stakes Cases

Dr. Susan Jones

With $76 billion at stake, attorneys defending a recent high-stakes case turned to Dr. Susan Jones and the Jury Research Institute for help. They were rewarded for that effort. Indeed, Dr. Jones’s professional resume includes dozens of other cases with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. You can benefit from her unique expertise and widely-recognized talent. She assists trial lawyers across the country to winning verdicts and better settlements.
For each one of your clients, their matter is high stakes!

Taking cases to trial can be a tough assignment. You know that jurors will bring into court a host of personal experiences, attitudes and beliefs — distinct prejudices — that they won’t leave at the door to the courtroom. Indeed, you may be assured that they will carry them into the deliberation room. In this fast-paced, multi-media, practical and practice-based workshop, you’ll see this happening through dramatic video examples of mock jurors deliberating real cases.

Knowing how to identify today’s potentially risky jurors during voir dire, and how to ‘rank order’ your challenges for the best result, is a critical skill you can sharpen with the expert assistance of one of this country’s leading authorities. Dr. Jones will give you the latest tools and checklists to insure that you have the best current studies and methods readily at your disposal.

This fun and information-packed three hour program has played to enthusiastic audiences throughout the country. It will teach you how to find and use the most effective approaches currently used by those who are on the front lines of this kind of litigation every week.

You will also discover how to go one step further and craft comprehensive juror questionnaires, the absolute best tool for identifying bad jurors and getting them excused for cause. You’ll leave with the most effective arguments to make for permission to use your questionnaires, and how to most effectively put them to strategic use in your cases.

Program Agenda & Detail

3 Hours

[Part I: 90 Minutes]

What do jurors bring to the process

  • Rules Jurors Apply in Deciding Cases

  • How to Analyze your Case for Hot Buttons

  • Pre-trial Investigation

Getting the inside track on the jury pool

15 Minute Break

[Part II: 90 Minutes]

Voir Dire essentials:

  • Goals

  • Checklists

  • Phrasing questions

How to Avoid Wasting a Challenge

  • Rank ordering our challenges

Jury Questionnaires in High-stakes Cases



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