Selecting & Influencing Your Jury

Susan Jones

Dr. Susan Jones’s professional resume includes dozens of cases with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. With this seminar, you can benefit from her unique expertise and widely recognized  talent.


Jurors will tell you how to win your case. . . if you learn to listen to their clues. You can use jurors’
attitudes and beliefs to shape your case, your delivery—and even your courtroom demeanor—for maximum impact.


Dr. Susan Jones is a visionary pioneer in jury research and persuasion. Her more than 30 years of
courtroom experience—including work in more than 1,000 cases and careful study of more than 3,000 jury deliberations—gives her insights possessed by few others. Her practical advice will transform your perspective of the jury process and provide meaningful tools to help you win cases.


Videos of mock jury deliberations and post-verdict interviews, coupled with Dr. Jones’s practical
analysis, provide you with a powerful view of how jurors’ pretrial attitudes and beliefs influence their perception of your evidence during trial and deliberation.


Knowing how jurors respond—what they look for and what they ignore—allows you to concentrate on the effective methods Dr. Jones provides for:
• shaping your case;
• refining your opening statement;
• witness preparation and presentation; and
• closing arguments for maximum effect in the jury room.


Recognizing and tapping into the psyche of jurors translates into both settlement and courtroom
success. The practical strategies offered by Dr. Jones —applied by some of this country’s most successful trial lawyers—can transform your cases and your practice. They will work for you!

Program Highlights:

  • Discover how to use a two-track rating system to simplify jury selection.

  • See videotaped deliberations of mock and real juries.

  • Learn how juries really decide.

  • Discover winning tools for witness preparation.

  • See strategic use of exhibits and evidence.

  • Discover 50 ways to leave an impression through opening statement and closing argument

Program Agenda & Detail


[Part I: 90 Minutes]

Where Have all the Jurors Gone?

  • Is there a crisis of confidence?

  • Jurors — their own words

Jury Deliberations

  • How jurors reach conclusions

How Jurors Learn

  • Crafting a case that hits home

  • Choosing words that speak volumes

15 Minute Break

[Part II: 90 Minutes]

Voir Dire — What You Really Need to Know to Make Good Decisions

  • What you must ask, what you should ask, and what you should never ask

Jury Selection Simplified

  • Utilizing a 2-track rating system to simplify jury selection

  • Evaluating prospective jurors’ “influence quotients”


[Part III: 90 Minutes]

Jury Selection Simplified (continued)
Opening Statements: “Attention!”

  • Techniques that make your case come alive

  • 50 ways to leave an impression

15 Minute Break

[Part IV: 90 Minutes]

Opening Statements (continued)
Witnesses … “Preparation Makes Perfect!”

  • Winning tools for witness preparation

Closing Argument … “It Ain’t Summation.”

  • Making your last impression resonate in the deliberation room

  • Motivating jurors to find for your client


Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.