Client-Centered Lawyering

Five Themes to See, Say and Show Your Case
Michael E. Tigar
Michael E. Tigar

Even though more than 90% of our cases are settled, you cannot reach a fair settlement of a case you are not ready to try.  Michael Tigar brings 50 years of experience, teaching and writing to an innovative presentation.  Hear some new insights on lawyering, backed up with social science research that shows the correlation between mastering the craft of advocacy and financial success for clients and their counsel.  Listen to practical advice on real-life ethical issues.  If you wonder whether Michael Tigar might have some ideas you can use, put his name into your favorite internet search engine, or go to www.proedgroup.com and see his biography and a list of his books, articles and DVD presentations.


Program Agenda & Detail

3 Hours Including 1 Ethics


[Part I: 90 Minutes]


  • The Essence of Lawyering

  • A “Case” is a Case

  • Accepting New Ideas


  • Claude Monet and the Narrative of Your Case

  • It Begins with the Client

  • Impressions in Real Cases

Thoughts About Ethics – The 4 “Rules”

  • Say Your Case – Always

  • Not too many, but enough

  • The “Ashcan School” in witness examination, opening and closing


15 Minute Break

[Part II: 90 Minutes]


  • Wordsworth, O’Malley and every witness’s claimed recollection

  • Why our system prefers live testimony

  • Earning the jurors’ disbelief on cross


  • What does a picture tell you?

  • Documents and Illustrations

    • As a matter of law

    • As a matter of persuasion



  • Monet — making a picture

  • Yeats — with words

  • Sartre — based on claims of recollected consciousness

  • Sontag — illustrated & documented

  • Wordsworth — with inevitable imperfections


Unconditional Guarantee
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improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.