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Curriculum organized by the
MacCrate Report Criteria

P.E.G.’s®  dynamic and engaging training immerses you in the 10 fundamental lawyering skills (left column) and four fundamental values prescribed by the MacCrate Report*, the preeminent standard by which continuing legal education is measured. Our diverse faculty shares the common bonds of credentials, experience
and expertise to transform potential to productivity and adequacy to excellence.


Four Fundamental Values
I.    Provision of Competent Representation
II.   Striving to Promote Justice, Fairness & Morality
III.  Striving to Improve the Profession
IV.  Professional Self-Development

 * Legal Education & Professional Development — An Educational Continuum Report of the Task Force on Law Schools and the Profession: Narrowing the Gap (ABA Section on Legal Education & Admissions to the Bar ISBN: 0-89707-774-1)

Fundamental Lawyering
Skill Sets

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