Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Advanced Storytelling and Persuasion Skills for Lawyers
Anatomy for Lawyers
Client-Centered Lawyering: 5 Themes to See, Say and Show Your Case
Cognitive Science and and Behavioral Economics in the Courtroom 
Credibility & Cross-Examination: Including the 10 Commandments of Cross-Examination
Deposition Control
Direct Examination Skills Camp
Dynamite Use of Expert Witnesses
Electronic Discovery: Rules, Tips & Tactics
Electronically Producing the Powerful Trial: Digitally Analyzing, Organizing and Presenting Evidence
Evidence For Trial Lawyers: An Update of Irving Younger's Classic Presentation
Evidentiary Crises: Using the Rules to Win at Trial
Expert Witness Practice for Advocates
Expert Witnesses
Hard Cases: Making It Look Easy
Jury Selection
Jury Selection in High-Stakes Cases
Litigating the Science Case
Medical Records in the Digital Age
Medicine for Lawyer: The Back and The Knee
Persuading People
Powerful Witness Preparation
Pushing Buttons
Revisiting Younger’s 10 Commandments
Scientific Evidence
Selecting & Influencing Your Jury
Talking With Pictures: Courtroom Persuasion in the Media Dominated Age
The Anatomy of A Back Injury
The Amazing Case: Illustrations and Demonstrations of the Trial of a Commercial Case
The Art of the Courtroom
The Crash Course in Cross-Examination
The Cutting Edge in Courtroom Persuasion
Thinking Inside the Box
Transgender: Understanding the Law of Gender and Identity Expression
Trial Evidence: Artistry & Advocacy in the Courtroom
Trials: Tips, Tactics & Practical Tales