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Improving Diversity Improves Results

Recognizing & Resolving Your Own Bias Leads to Powerful Practice
Sybil Dunlop

The end goal of any CLE program is to generate better outcomes for clients. Sybil Dunlop rises

to that challenge by demonstrating how the latest research and her own real-world

application of proactively diversifying a legal team—and modifying thinking to lead them

effectively—will improve results for your clients.


Both the novice and experienced will benefit. Sybil’s inquisitive nature and deft delivery carry

you along to discover what social scientists—and her own research— are telling us and what

successful firms across America—including her own—are implementing. Don’t miss out on

some great legal talents because you don’t know how to look for (or at) them!


This is far from being a “soft” course designed to get some credits. Sybil Dunlop delivers

practical steps toward increased success that you can put into action!

  • Preparing yourself and your office to succeed;

  • Practical advice from Sybil’s 2020 interviews with attorneys across the country;

  • Better ways to evaluate legal talent and skills—you may be missing something;

  • The role of bias in everything from client intake to motions to jury selection;

  • Steps to maximize the talents already within your team.


Program Agenda & Detail

125 Minutes 

[Part I: 50 Minutes]


What is bias?  Bias affects decision-making. Learn to better spot your own biases and

identify ways to interrupt them in your work life.


How does it affect the legal profession? Examine the latest research on the ways that bias affects the legal profession and pair this research with Sybil’s own. In 2020, Sybil Dunlop interviewed diverse attorneys from around the country about their experiences in the legal industry. These attorneys’ voices offer practical advice as well as haunting

testimony reflecting how far we still have to go.


[Part II: 25 Minutes]

Hiring, promotion, and retention of diverse legal talent

Law is the least diverse profession and bias plays a role in our numbers. Explore the latest

research on the ways that bias affects our evaluation of legal skills, including legal writing

and deposition skills. Learn skills to provide the kind of non-biased feedback that rapidly

improves your team.


[Part III: 25 Minutes]


Your case from beginning to end.

The latest research on bias demonstrates that it affects everything including how clients

select lawyers, how judges decide motions, and how lawyers pick juries. An overview of that

research exposes ways to minimize its effect (without alienating the judge, panel, or jury).

[Part IV: 25 Minutes]

Why does it matter?

Diverse and inclusive teams generate better outcomes. This section highlights the ways to

maximize the talents of diverse teams and generate better outcomes for clients.


Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.

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