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"Clifford Greene Cliff was very dynamic and articulate; his personal knowledge of the subject matter was impressive."

"Not only was the presentation very informative, but Mr. Greene also managed to keep us entertained to avoid those concentration lapses that so often occur with day-long CLEs...thank you!"


"Excellent speaking ability; good use of examples and citations; gave practical advice."


"Greene is very bright and unusually well-spoken. I would attend a future seminar where he is the presenter."

"High stamina and obvious commitment to impart useful and competent information and insight to attendees."


"Dynamic, fact-based as well as policy and procedure based, good interaction skills with audience."


"Humor kept me going, plenty of cases and practical tips as well. Nice pace of delivery."


"Varies his voice, volume and pitch to maintain interest. Interacts with audience, great use of visual aids."


"Excellent oral, written and computer presentation of a very complex topic."


"Very articulate and engaging speaker. Also, Greene clearly has a wealth of pertinent experience."


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