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Dan Small’s knowledge of witness preparation is heralded across the legal landscape:


"Dan simplifies the task of convincing clients who are 'too busy' just how important preparation is, and how it should be done."   — Alan Dershowitz, Former Professor, Harvard Law School


"Great insight into what makes an effective witness and how to talk to clients about it.  This book should be on the shelf of every lawyer who may represent a witness in any investigation or proceeding." — James M. Cole, Partner, Sidley Austin

 former Deputy Attorney General, US Department of Justice


"Dan Small's extraordinary book offers a way out: helping to teach witnesses and counsel how to communicate truthfully, effectively, and confidently. I strongly recommend it."

 —William S. Sessions, a former Federal Judge and Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation


"Dan Small defines preparation like nobody else in the vast literature of the law of trial practice. His step-by-step guide is both a model of clarity and a paragon of completeness. His book is not an option, but a necessity for the experienced and novice trial advocate alike." — Alex Sanders, Former Chief Judge of the South Carolina Court of Appeals

More Praise for Dan Small

"Daniel Small Small was a fantastic speaker and the visuals were great"


"Dan Small is perhaps the best speaker I've heard - I hope he offers this program again."


"Entertaining and informative ... outstanding program."


"Engaging, funny, practical. A dynamic speaker."


"This was the best seminar I've been to in 14 years."


"Small is a great teacher. Captivating subject."

 “One of the most practical programs I have ever attended – to the point and immediately useful.”


“Dan Small was so organized. I enjoyed his use of anecdotes, video clips from actual depositions, movie clips, and the fact that he offered his tips in numbered lists and bullet points.”

“I have been trying cases for 20 years and I learned a lot about witness prep which I will use in my next trial, which is next month.”

“Well-planned, entertaining, and with a variety of examples to view – both video and documentary.”

“This program is essential … Mr. Small takes a task – which every lawyer thinks they know, but don’t – and persuades his audience that witness preparation is the most important aspect of the case.”

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