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"September 15, 2009 The Fall Section Meeting is consistently one of the best continuing legal education programs that I attend and the faculty did another excellent job this year."


"The highlight of this year's meeting was a presentation by Professor Samuel D. Hodge, Jr on the anatomy of the spine."


"Should be a required seminar for all plaintiffs' personal injury and defense/insurance lawyers. Will give a running start to evaluate medical records and medical reports."

"This is the best CLE I have attended in ten years of practicing law. Sam, we love you!  You are awesome."


"He presents the information in such an accessible manner that I'll be happy to attend his programs in the future."


"Very informative and concise."


"Hilarious. Good speaker!"


"Keeps attention of the audience; clearly explained material."


"I took this CLE simply because Mr. Hodge was presenting. He didn't disappoint. Well prepared and knowledgeable, excellent handouts and photo illustrations."


I've been handling injury cases for many years and I finally have a really good understanding of the medical anatomical terms which are used by lawyers and adjusters everyday.


"Outstanding presentation! Very informative & entertaining. Made complex subject easy to understand."


"Fantastic on all counts. One could tell that he was very knowledgeable about all the information presented today.  He encouraged questions and involved the audience."


"Had great humor! I would definitely attend this seminar again!"


"In my particular line of work (plaintiff's personal injury and Social Security Disability) it is so helpful to have a thorough medical working knowledge. I have attended 8 of Sam's seminars. Nobody delivers it as well as Sam, he really makes it easy to digest."

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