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"Susan Jones Excellent command of the subject matter. The best CLE yet!"


"Packed with terrific tips! I can use this information immediately."


"Lively presentation with no lulls and lots of visuals, excellent workbook accompanying the seminar."


"Very practical, concise & responsive to tough questions about why juries do what they do and hurdles to overcome."


"Energetic and very charismatic, wonderful information, very informative."


"Dr. Jones makes a great impression and is confident in her presentation. Interplay between PowerPoint and video was good and made the seminar interesting. She has a lot of experience with actual trials to support her thoughts."


"Superb! A master at her craft! "


"Very good and entertaining speaker. Kept my attention throughout. Also provided good practical advice and examples. Obviously she is able to practice what she teaches."


"Excellent. Good energy and excellent command of material. Dr. Jones is exceptional. I'm a better lawyer after having heard her lecture."

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