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Sybil Dunlop March 2022.jpg

"Excellent tips. Would take it again."

"This was one of the best CLEs I have taken in my 11 years of practice. The perfect balance of general information while also going into nuanced issues for more experienced practitioners."

"Sybil was an excellent speaker. She provided helpful tips for depositions and also provided insightful information into the nature of people."

"Very good practical advice regarding depositions. Sybil identified many good areas to assist lawyers with their depo prep and execution."

"I would love to see this presenter again."

"The speaker's passion and enthusiasm for mastery were exceptional."

"Ms. Dunlop was excellent!"

"Overall great CLE."

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know you did a great job of holding our attention over a 6-hour Zoom!"

"Funny, smart, really knows the topic."


"Interesting beginning to end."


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