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Understanding the Law of Gender Identity
and Expression
60 - 90 Minutes
Robyn Gigl

If you think any of these thoughts,

   I have no reason to learn anything about transgender individuals;
   I don't have any transgender clients;
   These issues don't impact my current clients;
   Transgender rights are not a major issue where I practice;
                you are wrong!

Almost every lawyer, regardless of location or specialization, is virtually certain to encounter the complex issues involved in this developing area of civil rights. Your clients will expect you to know how to navigate these matters effectively and adroitly.

Gigl uses her own personal story to humanize the issues involved and to present a different narrative of what many want to denigrate as a "lifestyle choice". She will provide you with a checklist of do's and don'ts to help your clients approach these issues in a sensitive and sensible manner to avoid costly litigation.

Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.

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