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Moving Right Along

Maximizing Your Time "Alone" with the Judge
Sybil Dunlop, Amran Farah, Faris Rashid,
Jenny Gassman-Pines, Surya Saxena

Your faculty of All-Stars from Greene Espel, PLLP, Minneapolis


Motions give you time alone with the judge—time to get the judge focused on your story and the law as you frame it. Make the most of your time! 


An all-star assembly of seasoned and successful trial lawyers presents you with the tactics and formulations they have used repeatedly to convince the court in every step of litigation. 


Program Highlights

  • How to use data to assess whether to bring your motion

  • The behavior psychology of oral persuasion

  • Thinking Fast and Slow: a practical understanding of decision making


Program Agenda & Detail

4 Hours Including


[Part I: 2 Hours]


Motions to Dismiss and for Judgment on the Pleadings — Sybil Dunlop

•    When to bring early motions and when to hold ’em

•    Using Big Data to help you make the decision.

Discovery Motions — Amran Farah

•    How to best frame your dispute for the court,

•    How to focus your motion on the necessary documents,

•    How to draft your proposed order to ease the court’s way.

Expert Motions: — Faris Rashid 

From Daubert motions to those based on state standards, motions to exclude the other side’s experts are useful tools that help you narrow the case—or even resolve it—before it gets to the jury.   

15 Minute Break

[Part II: 2 Hours]


Summary Judgment: The legal profession’s greatest writing opportunity!  — Jenny Gassman-Pines

•    Best practices for writing your summary judgment brief

•    Leveraging the fact section, legal standard, argument, and conclusion to help you win.


Motions in Limine: These short, late-in-the-game motions can fundamentally affect a trial’s outcome because they allow counsel to control the presentation of evidence before a single exhibit has been introduced.  — Surya Saxena 
•    When do you file them?

•    What should you ask for?

•    How do you win them?

Oral Argument — Full Group

Best practices and tips and tricks for arguing your motion (or opposing theirs).




Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.



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