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In Memoriam
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Paul A. Fogelberg
1951 - 2019
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Paul Fogelberg, the founder and President Emeritus of The Professional Education Group, departed us on Wednesday, June 26.


Paul challenged us – both at P.E.G. and in the continuing legal education community – to deliver on the promise that CLE is a noble and worthy pursuit.  It is more than credit to be earned. It is the foundation from which we seek justice. He believed in peace above war, that justice is greater than revenge, and that knowledge will overcome superstition.     


After being diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 15 years ago, Paul found a new challenge from which he would not shrink. Almost immediately, he became the national patient advocate and champion for finding a cure for the disease and for supporting those impacted by it. He founded Pulmonary Fibrosis Advocates and his direct action resulted in increased federal funding of almost $200 million for research since 2010.


Paul’s impact on the lives of so many people in the CLE and PF communities gives us great hope that both causes will advance and prosper. Our leader has gone, but he leaves a legacy of doing the right thing for the right reason without hesitation or regret.

May his lessons live on in us all.

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