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Systems of the Body

Samuel D. Hodge, Jr.

When you walk into a courtroom, a hearing room, a deposition, or even a client meeting, you are called upon to explain complex issues to people who find them unfamiliar at best. In order to explain – clearly and effectively -  you must first understand. When it comes to understanding the workings of the human body from the perspective of a successful trial lawyer, you will not find a better guide than Sam Hodge. 


Sam’s Systems of the Body course takes you on a visual journey through the myriad of pathways, structures and connections that make the body do what it does. He will teach you medical terms and then give you the plain English language you need to explain the pathology of any abnormalities and their possible causes or arguable defenses. 

Every system - • Skeletal • Nervous • Integumentary • Muscular • Circulatory • Respiratory • Gastrointestinal • Urinary • Endocrine • Reproductive – might be subject to trauma, neglect, or malpractice. Every patient, and everyone they hold responsible, could become a client. You might rely upon your experts to lend their credibility to medical matters, but you must know what your theory is before you get that far. Systems of the Body will be your foundation for having that knowledge. 


A highlight of the program is Sam’s exploration of Traumatic Brain Injuries. TBIs have become a “signature injury” of military service and a well-documented concern for those involved in contact sports or activities. Sam offers a concentrated look at the nervous system, focusing on the brain and spine and how they work together and what happens when either sustains an injury. 

Your ability to evaluate cases and to prosecute or defend them will be immeasurably enhanced in one dynamic, entertaining and information-packed day. Discover why bar associations, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies consistently call on Sam Hodge to diffuse the inherent mystery of medical cases. Put his unique expertise and special teaching gift to work in your practice! 

Program Highlights

•    how to parse medical jargon.

•    the difference between soft tissues: muscles, ligaments and tendons.

•    how the systems interrelate to make the body work—and many ways things can go wrong!

Program Agenda & Detail

6 Hours

[Part I: 90 Minutes]

Building Blocks of Anatomy

  • Key terms for understanding medical reports

The Structural System: Skeletal, Muscular and Integumentary Systems 

  • Bones & joints and their coverings and connections

  • Difference between ligaments, tendons  and muscles

  • Form and function of muscles

  • How the skin protects the body

​15 Minute Break

[Part II: 90 Minutes]


The Systems that Nourish and Regulate the Body 

  • The makeup and functions of the endocrine, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems


[Part III: 90 Minutes]

The Systems that Cleanse the Body and Enable Reproduction 

  • The urinary and reproductive systems

15 Minute Break

[Part IV: 90 Minutes]

The Command Center and the System that Makes the Whole Thing Work

  • The brain, the spinal cord and the nervous system

  • Traumatic Brain Injury



Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.

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