The Complexities of Article 9 Simplified

William H. Henning

Texas A&M University Law School
Fort Worth, Texas

William Henning is an Executive Professor of Law at Texas A&M University School of Law. Previously, he served on the faculties of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law and the University of Alabama School of Law.

In 1994, Henning was appointed to serve as a Commissioner with the Uniform Law Commission (ULC), and in that capacity he was a member, then chair, of a drafting committee charged with amending Articles 2 and 2A of the Uniform Commercial Code. In 2001, while continuing his teaching  responsibilities, he became the ULC’s Executive Director, a position he held until 2007. Although no longer Executive Director, Professor Henning continues his work with the ULC as a Life Member. He served on the drafting committee that developed the 2010 amendments to UCC Article 9. He also serves on the Permanent Editorial Board for the Uniform Commercial Code.


Professor Henning is a member of the American Law Institute and the American Bar Association, where he is active in the Business Law Section. He also is a member of the U.S. State Department’s Advisory Committee on Private International Law and serves on the U.S. Delegation to Working Group VI of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, which is developing a model secured-transactions law for developing nations.
Published Author
William Henning has published widely in the field of commercial law. He has authored or co-authored numerous books, including Understanding Sales and Leases of Goods, 3rd ed. (also co-authored prior editions) and Understanding Secured Transactions, 5th ed. (also co-authored prior editions), as well as law review articles, including Article 9 and the Characterization and Treatment of Tenant Security Deposits, with R. Freyermuth, 25 U.A.L. Rev. 999 (2013); Freedom of Contract vs. Free Alienability: An Old Struggle Emerges in a New Context, with N. Cohen, 46 Gonzaga L. Rev. 353 (2011); The Uniform Law Commission and Cooperative Federalism: Implementing Private International Law Conventions through Uniform State Laws, 2 Elon L. Rev. 39 (2011); A Unified Rationale for Section 2-607(3) Notification, with W. Lawrence, 46 S.D.L. Rev. 573 (2009); Amended Article 2: What Went Wrong?, 11 Duq. Bus. L.J. 131 (2009); and Voluntarism in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina: The Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, with J. Hodge and R. Pepe, 1 AMA Journal of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, No. 1, p. 44 (2007). He is also co-author of the monthly Uniform Commercial Code Law Letter published by Thomson Reuters.


Henning received a B.A. from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga in 1972, a J.D. from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1976, and an LL.M. from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1982.


In addition to his work with the ULC and his academic expertise, Henning has experience in private practice, having served with a firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has been a principal lecturer for The Professional Education Group since 1995.

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