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Winning Numbers

Accounting and Finance for Lawyers
John E. Moore III

Financial, business and accounting issues are at the heart of many legal problems. This nationally-acclaimed seminar goes well beyond traditional “debit and credit” to offer you a refreshing perspective and simple solutions for wading through complicated rules, terminology and analysis.

Discover how common business transactions are summarized in financial statement form. Use Moore’s proven methods for working effectively with statements offered by your client, your opponent, experts. . . even your firm’s accountant. The practical illustrations used throughout the day will shed new light on accounting concepts as they are applied to legal issues.

A carefully constructed series of informative aids will assist you in the prevention and detection of financial statement manipulation and Moore’s simple, but insightful checklists will help you analyze a complete set of “time value of money” concepts.

This program makes sense of the role and scope of accountants’ services and reports as they are pertinent to legal practitioners. The comprehensive course materials are carefully designed with numerous checklists and worksheets to help you make your practice more effective and self assured.


Program Highlights


  • Using accounting, finance and business terminology effectively when drafting and negotiating

  • Utilizing accounting concepts and practices to resolve legal problems

  • Detecting financial statement manipulation

  • Reviewing case studies to reveal hidden pitfalls in financial statements

Program Agenda & Detail

6 Hours

[Part I: 90 Minutes]

Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements

  • A practical approach to key accounting principals

  • Financial statements and basic accounting methodology

  • Using worksheets and lighthearted hypothetical transactions to develop a set of financial statements, a great tool for learning how financial statements come together!


[15 minute break]
[Part II: 90 minutes]

Drafting Tips, Lawyers Alerts and Practical Illustrations

  • The aspects of finance and accounting that are of significance to lawyers, including discovery of documents

  • Drafting provisions regarding financial statements to protect your clients

  • Contingent liabilities and the roles of lawyer and accountant

[Part III: 90 minute

Financial Statement Fraud and Manipulation

  • A checklist to highlight the most significant ways in which financial statements are manipulated

  • How audits are conducted to detect financial statement chicanery and the limits of those procedures

  • A checklist to highlight the most significant ways in which financial statements are manipulated

15 Minute Break

[Part IV: 90 Minutes]

Financial Statement Analysis, Time Value of Money, and Accountants’ Services and Reports

  • Use a 10-step checklist to analyze a hypothetical set of financial statements, learning key ratios and analysis tools that can be applied to any set of financials

  • Understand “present value” concepts that underlie all financial decisions

  • Review standard accountants’ reports – the scope and limitations of their examinations



Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.

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