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"This program really worked my brain. All CLE should be this enjoyable."  


"Professor Lind is a very good speaker who manages to make the complex easy."


"Terrific! If I'd taken this course before law school, I would have made law review."


"It brings it all into focus... Very polished, very organized, good responses to questions."


"Douglas Lind showed me what I do in crafting arguments, how I can do a better job and how to understand (and attack) my opponent's arguments."


"Outstanding and fun!"


"Excellent - like an outstanding undergraduate professor.Great command of subject."


"Walked us carefully, but deliberately through what could be difficult & confusing concepts."


"Knew well a difficult topic, non-pompous, good tone and presentation."


"Organized, entertaining, engaging. Makes the material interesting, answers questions with clarity. Extremely personable." 


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