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Human Rights in the C Suite

The Intersection of Human Rights Law and Business Practices
Wanda M. Akin & Raymond M. Brown

Human rights law is not the domain of only the idealist.
There are real-world implications for businesses working internationally, or
for foreign-based businesses in the U.S.

Ray Brown & Wanda Akin stand at the forefront of this nexus of doing what is right for humanity and doing what is prudent for your clients. Corporate decision-makers who ignore, or even seek to mask human rights transgressions put their:

  • employees at risk of criminal penalties,

  • companies at risk of enormous civil fines, and

  • shareholders at risk of unanticipated and unforeseeable losses, and reputational harm.

U.S. civil litigators would be wise to anticipate now how this bridge from human rights practice to civil liability will grow into an international hotbed of litigation. The United Nations “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework devotes one of its three sections to the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum laid to rest a small corner of the issue of corporate liability, but it left open the discussion of supply chain issues, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and franchising, and other perils for multi-nationals under the Alien Tort Claims Act.

Industry organizations are currently challenging the implementation of SEC regulations handed down to comply with the Conflict Minerals provisions of Dodd-Frank. The intersection is evolving rapidly and it is worth your attention!

Brown and Akin bring clarity to the maze of restrictions, customs and ethics that currently comprise human rights jurisprudence. They summon years of direct experience representing corporate, individual and class clients in these very matters. Do something good for yourself and your practice by joining them for this lively and important discussion!


Program Agenda & Detail

6 Hours Including 1 Ethics Hour

[Part I: 90 Minutes]

 Human Rights Bases for Civil Litigation

15 Minute Break

[Part II: 90 Minutes]

Ethical Traps in Doing Good



[Part III: 90 Minutes]

Pillaging, Sweatshops, Human Trafficking and Africa’s First World War


15 Minute Break

[Part IV: 90 Minutes]

 Pillaging, Sweatshops, Human Trafficking and Africa’s First World War (cont’d)


Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.

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