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Human Rights in the C Suite

Race, Rights and the Rule of Law

Wanda M. Akin

Wanda M. Akin & Associates
Newark, New Jersey

Wanda M. Akin was formerly the Managing Attorney for Chubb & Son, Inc.’s, New Jersey House Counsel firm, Scanlon & Akin, and a Senior Trial Attorney and Of  Counsel to Podvey, Sachs, Meanor, Catenacci, Hildner & Cocoziello. She now maintains her private  practice in Newark, NJ and is an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University School of Law and at Seton Hall University’s John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy & International Relations.

Her 28 years of experience as a trial lawyer span a wide variety of controversies including criminal defense (in US and International Courts),  complex product liability, property claims, catastrophic personal injury, employment/labor, trademark and copyright, and other complex litigation. She is eligible for appointment to represent accused and victims before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and has filed applications on behalf of victims of the Darfur Crisis to participate in the criminal proceedings before the ICC.

Akin is a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Committee on the Rules of Evidence, was a Trustee of the Trial Attorneys of New Jersey, a Master in the Seton Hall Law School Alumni Association Inn of Court and a Presidential Appointee to the New Jersey State Bar Association’s  committee on Judicial Administration. She was awarded the 2009 NAACP Newark Unit Freedom Fund Award for her work as co-founder of the non-profit for the promotion of international justice & human rights, the International Justice Project.

Ms. Akin is a periodic commentator on Court TV, MSNBC, Inside The Law,(PBS); NJN (New Jersey Network); UPN 9 News and CN8 It’s Your Call. She has appeared on TODAY, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight and New York’s NewsChannel 4 with respect to cases and clients on literary matters.

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