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Improving Diversity Improves Results

Recognizing & Resolving Your Own Bias Leads to Powerful Practice 
 60 - 90 Minutes
Sybil Dunlop 

The goal of any great presentation to a legal audience is to generate better outcomes for clients. Sybil Dunlop rises to that challenge by demonstrating how the latest research and her own real-world application of proactively diversifying a legal team and modifying thinking to lead them effectively will improve results for your clients. 

Both the novice and experienced will benefit. Sybil's inquisitive nature and deft delivery carry you along to discover what social scientists and her own research are telling us and what successful firms across America including her own are implementing. Don't miss out on some great legal talents because you don't know how to look for (or at) them!


This is far from being a soft course designed to get some credits. Sybil Dunlop delivers practical steps toward increased success that you can put into action!

  • Preparing yourself and your office to succeed;

  • Practical advice from Sybil's 2020 interviews with attorneys across the country;

  • Better ways to evaluate legal talent and skills you may be missing something;

  • The role of bias in everything from client intake to motions to jury selection;

  • Steps to maximize the talents already within your team.


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