A Day with Oliver Wendell Holmes

How to Make a Life in the Law
60 - 90 Minutes
William A. Barton

"Every calling is great when greatly pursued . . ."

“The life of the law has not been logic, it has been experience.
The felt necessities of the time . . .˝


How do we harmonize the think like a lawyer idealism of law school with the reality of work like a lawyer practice? Or, as Holmes put it, "How can the study of a dry and technical system, the greedy watch for clients and practice of shopkeeper's arts, the mannerless conflicts over often sordid interests, make out a life?"


Holmes spent a long and illustrious career answering that question. His wisdom lives today through the thoughtful stewardship of Bill Barton. Barton gives voice and presence to the great dissenter; informing and advising us on the place of the law and role of the lawyer in our American experiment. He is at once practical, inspirational and philosophical.


Bring your questions, Justice Holmes welcomes them and will help you work through your most difficult practice problems.

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