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The faculty of The Professional Education Group stands ready to help you fulfill your mission to deliver the best educational content to the people you serve. Below, you will find a list of those faculty members. The name of each links to a biography page which contains contact information and links to the courses they offer.


The Professional Education Group, LLC (P.E.G.) ceased operations on March 31, 2024. As such, any arrangements you make with those faculty members will be completely between you and them. P.E.G. is no longer in business and, as such, has no authority, nor mechanism to enter into agreements or to fulfill obligations on behalf of the faculty.


It has been a wonderful 43 year experience at P.E.G. We wish you great success in your quest to provide the greatest possible benefit to those you serve.

Professors                   Area of Expertise  

Edward Adams                                           Finance

William Barton                                            Trial Skills 

Raymond Brown & Wanda Akin               Race & The Rule of Law

Gary Chester                                               Sports Law 

Sybil Dunlop                                                Depositions; Legal Writing; Diversity & Inclusion

Stephen Easton (& Irving Younger)         Trial Skills; Evidence

Robyn Gigl                                                   Transgender Law: The Lawyer as Novelist

Richard Harding                                         Law & the War on Terrorism

Edward Hatch                                             Negotiations

William Henning                                         UCC Article Nine     

Samuel Hodge Jr.                                        Anatomy; Artificial Intelligence

Douglas Lind                                               Logic & Legal Reasoning

David Mann                                                 Trial Skills

Lisa Marcy & Tina Weber                          Trial Skills

John Moore III                                             Accounting & Finance; Ethics & the Future of Practice

Rex Parris                                                    Trial Skills

James Robenalt & John Dean                   The History of the Presidency

Daniel Small                                                Witness Preparation      

Lisa SpiegelRobert Spangler               Cyber-security; Artificial Intelligence

Kevin Thompson                                        Trial Skills; Environmental Law

Michael Tigar                                              Trial Skills

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